Gerri sweetland was surrounded There are still many question marks over the finer details of prince william and kate middleton big day.Vip Dresses Australia wedding planner gerri sweetland makes her predictions. Growing up, gerri sweetland was surrounded by wedding planning. Her parents run catering business sweetlands, in colyton, so preparing for weddings became second nature.Now gerri, 25, works for wedding planners love lord, in kensington, london, as director of weddings. Specialising in ceremonies abroad, gerri has worked on football ace and commentator gary linekar's marriage to model danielle bux, as well as bond girl gemma arterton' swedding. "My family's business gave me the grounding and experience i needed,"Said gerri, who went to honiton community college and exeter college. "I grew up surrounded by weddings.I went to bournemouth university to study for a degree in Cheap Formal Dresses events management. " Gerri has her own predictions on what the nation can expect at prince william and kate middleton's wedding, on friday, april 29. "A royal wedding obviously has rules and expected etiquette, which, no doubt, will have to be included even in a modern day royal wedding,"Said gerri. "But i would expect that kate and william will wish to add their own flair and style.They both seem relaxed;Clearly their friends and family are important to them, so i would assume they would be keen to find the right balance between the formalities expected and personalising the day. " There has been avid speculation about the dress designer kate will choose, and gerri has her Beach Wedding Gowns Australia own suspicions. "It is very likely to be a british designer, someone like bruce oldfield,"She said. "He is a classic, but inventive, designer.I know there is a particular dress that is very special at his boutique that would suit kate perfectly.It is an intricate, handbeaded lace dress called lorna. "Kate likes clean, slim lines.Other dress designers mentioned for the job have been alice temperley and phillipa lepley, or even issa.Kate has great taste i don't think any of us will be disappointed. " Gerri has noticed a slight increase in business since the royal wedding was announced.She said: "The knockon effect of the recession has slowed the wedding industry, but the coming season does look particularly busy.Whether or not the royal wedding influenced this i don't know, but i do think it is likely to have bought plans for marriage back into the minds of the younger generation where it was previously waning. " If you haven't got anything planned for the royal wedding, don't worry as the bridge inn, topsham, is holding its own wedding reception.Guests can dress up in wedding attire and can watch the event on a big screen, followed by champagne, a hog roast and a cream tea. Tickets cost and must be booked in advance.For details call 01392 Mother of the Bride Dresses Australia 873862. The echo wants to hear from readers who are holding a royal wedding street or garden party.What menus have you got planned?


Bc spca abbotsford celebrates all for animals auction and dinner success Bc spca abbotsford celebrates all for animals auction and dinner success Tickets are on sale now for the annual bc spca abbotsford branch event at rancho caterers, band on july 9. The event will offer attendees a way to bid on 75 auction items, some donated from followers as far away as beijing.Guests could also win door prizes and you will be treated to a Tickets are $45 and must be obtained in advance.Tickets will not be accessible at the door.All proceeds will support animals in the concern of the bc spca (free next day in-store delivery.) abbotsford branch. To have tickets, look at the bc spca abbotsford branch(34312 electro Way, Abbotsford)Or conversation jodi at 604 768 4540. The bc spca abbotsford branch provides care and protective equipment to Countless homeless, suffering in pain and abused animals each year.That gift Can help give an animal in need a resort.You can. The abbotsford branch of the bc spca is thrilled to announce the upcoming event planned for july 9, 2011 at rancho caterers, band in abbotsford. May need donated items for this event, says branch broker, jodi dunlop.Is too large or too small. This is the second biggest fundraiser of the year for the abbotsford branch.A not for profit which provides care and protection to hundreds of animals each year, we rely on the charitable support of the district. Plan to join us for good food and a very amusing evening!There are lots of laughs to be had when asleep.Don forget your loonies and toonies for the games we have yours for the taking for you. Tickets will accumulate later this spring. Arises from the event will support homeless, injured and abused animals in the concern of the abbotsford branch. If you Pandora Gold Beads should donate an item, need to email or call jodi at 604 768 4540. The abbotsford branch brings us shelter, medical care bills and love for hundreds of homeless, wounded and abused animals each year.Your gift can help give an animal in need a resort.Be advised. Photography caption:Tabitha was cared for by the abbotsford branch after click here to see more info about Pandora Jewelry being hit by a car and was utilized by a loving new family last spring. The bc spca is a non profit neatness funded primarily by public donations.Our mission is to prevent cruelty and to promote the welfare of animals through many services, including cruelty inspections, emergency rescue and treatments, sheltering and adoption of displaced and abused animals, humane education and learning, advocacy, farm animal wellbeing, spay/neuter purposes, and wildlife rescue and therapy.

Web content about boca raton Times miriam valverde, heat Air Jordan 14 of the bright light sentinel, june 27, 2013 Immediately, boca raton residents don't have to cross city lines to buy trader joe's organic turkish apricots.The grocer known to carry quirky and exotic products is planning to open a store next year at 855 s.Federal motorway in boca raton.It's the third store announced by the wisconsin based chain for the south florida market.An example may be expected to open later this year in miami dade county's pinecrest neighborhood.Amazing.Planned for 2014 in palm beach gardens at the pga plaza. Articles by datefine jordans shoes: art show downtown this weekendpatty narozny recruits artists in her travels across the country for the four art shows her company hot works produces every year, and a few days ago will be her fifth show in boca raton.Tuesday and sunday on federal highway at sanborn square, the middle northeast second street and palmetto park road.The show boasts artists who work in glass, clay courts, woodgrain effect, fabric, rings, bronze sculpture, art, photographs and metal. Woman killed boyfriend unconsciously, relatives members says Using brittany shammas, the sun's light sentinel, december 2, 2013 By all company, justin holt and erin steele were so much in love.They started dating almost once being introduced and were open about saying"I adore you"To one another.After almost a year conjointly, the young pompano beach couple had become just-About inseparable.On thanksgiving holiday, steele and holt ate jordans shoes for girls dish at his grandpa's house.Three days down the track, she shot and destroyed him.The south florida man wants flying insects sex tapes and intimate photographs of himself and his wife as evidence in his criminal trial to try to prove that his marriage was real and not just undertaken for immigration purposes.The trial of rogerio scotton which starts thursday in federal court in fort lauderdale is not to do with sex. Five years after a justify was issued for her arrest, a former boca raton massage parlor owner has turned herself in to face charges after cops said her now closed spa offered sexual program.Christina yun betty, 55, showed Where Do You Get nike jordans shoes up at the palm beach county jail with a bail bondsman on monday afternoon and was booked on charges of money laundering, living off the income of prostitution, and permitting an employee to train massage without a license.14.Best selling seafood restaurant bids farewell after 13 years of service in south florida. "It was certainly a a lot of work decision, these roger berkowitz, president and leader of legal sea foods, which operates more than 30 small businesses in the northeast and mid atlantic. "We tried to succeed as long as we could.Location friday in boca raton with the banner madisons new york grill bar.Madisons debuted at 2006 nw government center circle, off glades road and east of town town at boca raton.The eating place serves new york inspired meals, offering diners options that come with"Soho hen"Topped with grilled zucchinis and red zucchini, goat's parmesan mozzarella dairy product and jardinire sauce.

Bee erikson homepage on hubpages Bee erikson on hubpages Pandora Dangles Charms 3 DHEA the new wonder dietary complement for fertility?9 months agoDHEA is fast becoming the new wonder drug for older women wanting to fall pregnant after being told by doctors that there are no hope of having a baby.It rejuvenates yourself and rebalances hormones.0 condition, Chemotherapy and fertility2 years agoChemotherapy can reduce fertility but it is still simple for a woman having chemotherapy to fall pregnant after treatment, Along with a man to father a child after undergoing chemotherapy treatment.2 How Chinese acupuncture can treat infertility9 months agoAcupuncture is while using ancient Chinese philosophy that balance in the body energy flow known as"Chihuahua"Or is needed to be able to stay healthy.Acupuncture is often merged with.54 Low ovarian ppark, Early the the change of life, High fsh levels and child birth at 40!How to reverse fertility and rebalance horm6 months agodon't believe everything doctors tell you.You may have a baby in your 40's, even if your variations are menopausal.You can easlily reverse infertility and fall pregnant with a healthy baby.

Supreme court will hear charter challenge by momin khawaja on Buy Cheap Tiffany Necklaces UK definition of 'terrorist activity' He was convicted of five terrorism charges and Buy Cheap Tiffany Pendants UK sentenced in 2008 to 10 1/2 years in prison but ontario's highest court later increased his sentence to life with no chance of parole for 10 years. Ontario's appeals court rejected the argument by khawaja's lawyer that the criminal code definition of"Terrorist activity'' is unconstitutional. The supreme court of canada has also granted the application for leave to appeal of two other men wanted in the united states on terrorism charges relating to the banned tamil tigers organization. Like khawaja, suresh sriskandarajah and piratheepan nadarajah are also arguing that because the definition required the terrorist conduct to be performed for political, religious or ideological reasons, it infringes the charter right to express religious beliefs and political opinions. Last december, the court of appeal for ontario rejected that argument. It said an"Unmistakable message"Must be sent that terrorism offences would be severely punished.The justices on the appeal court also concluded that khawaja's commitment to jihad runs deep, and that there was no evidence he could be rehabilitated. "Absent convincing evidence that he no longer subscribed to violent jihad at the time of sentencing.The trial judge ought to have found that the appellant continues to pose a serious threat to society and is likely to do so for the indefinite future,"The appeal court ruled. Khawaja was born in ottawa and worked as a software developer before he was arrested in 2004.He was convicted for training at a Buy UK Cheap Tiffany Earrings remote camp in pakistan, providing cash to a group of british extremists, and offering them lodging and other assistance. He was also convicted of two criminal code offences related to building a remote-Control device to set off explosions.But the prosecution failed to prove khawaja knew Tiffany Rings Sale the detonator was to be used to detonate a 600-Kilogram fertilizer bomb in downtown london. It is also expected that khawaja's lawyer will also to try to get his sentence reduced, after it was significantly increased on appeal. The supreme court is expected to hear arguments in the case in the fall. Mike blanchfield, the canadian press It's an interesting question, what is terrorism.A boatload of people fleeing from a country where the government forces were found to have killed 40, 000 people in a period of 3-4 months arrived on Canadian shores asking for refuge(Perfectly legal thing to do), and they were immediately called terrorists in the news, because they were Tamils.However, in libya, the government is also killing its citizens, and we are sending troops, and label those fighting the government as freedom fighters, and send politicians to meet with them as the potential legitimate government.Really, what is the difference?If you are oppressed as a group and fight back, are you a terrorist?Do we call it the arab spring or arab terrorists?


From their first date to their wedding Ashley hebert and jp rosenbaum have made it official with a big, white wedding(Omg, they're man and wife! )And the time has come to walk down memory lane and revisit the key moments in team cupcake's relationship.Better grab a box of tissues, because heaving sobs are a requirement of reading this list. May 23, 2001:Ashley and jp meet during the bachelorette's premiere Jp swept ashley off her feet when he showed up without any props(Just his smile, guys, just his smile)And told her how beautiful she was.Sigh, memories! June 6, 2011:Ashley and jp go on their first oneonone date Jp and ashley had a quiet date at her pad in front of a roaring fire and yes, they made out on of terrifying animal skin rug while wearing pajamas. June 27, 2011:Ashley and jp go on their second oneonone date Team cupcake travelled to victoria peak outside of hong kong, where they chatted about their past relationships,"Ate dinner,"And made out to the dulcet sounds of vaguely ethnic music. July 18, 2001:Ashley visits jp's hometown in roslyn, new york Ashley and jp went rollerskating in a terrifying(Er, romantic)Abandoned rink, and then settled down for a carbfilled evening with the famfam.Spoiler alert:Everyone loved Dresses Australia ashley. August 1, 2011:Jp proposes to ashley in fiji After rejecting ben flajnik and his wineloving self, ashley accepted jp's proposal while standing on a beautiful beach in fiji.We're uglycrying just thinking about it. August 6, 2011:Jp and ashley host an engagement party in nyc Ash and jp celebrated their engagement by hosting a big bash for their friends and family in new york city at casa la femme.Guests were offered cupcakes(Duh), the room was filled with roses, and yep there were belly dancers.Because why not? March 28, 2012:Ash and jp move to new jersey Ashley and jp decided to leave the big apple and move to princeton, new jersey(We know, fear)In order to get out of the city.Now, ash commutes and hour to philadelphia, and jp commutes and hour to new york!Let's just hope neither of them develop new jersey accents. November, 2012:Ash and jp start filming their wedding special Ash and her man were spotted around town with a camera crew in preparation for their wedding special on abc.Store to buy wedding bands! November 17, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses 2012:Ash and jp head to arizona for their bachelor/ette parties Ashley, jp, and their bffs flew to arizona for a weekend of nonstop partying at the w hotel in scottsdale.Obviously, the entire event was filmed for abc's wedding special.Thank god. December 1, 2012:Ashley and jp get married! Ashley and jp tied the knot in pasadena, california, in front of 200 of their friends and family(Including emily maynard, ali fedotowsky, jillian harris, and sean lowe).Ash walked down the aisle to elvis'"I can't help falling in love with you,"And she and jp recited their vows under a chuppah!

Ancient egyptian jewelry came from outer space Ancient egyptian jewelry came from outer space Ucl petrie museum/rob Pandora Bracelets bald novelty helmet Meteoric iron drops, community, are pictured between ancient egyptian strings of beads that are strung with tube shaped lapis lazuli(Purple), Carnelian(Brownish/red), Agate and gold drops. Ancient egyptian beads unearthed in a 5, 000 year old tomb were made of iron meteorites that fell to earth from space, according to a new paper.The ovals, which are the oldest known iron artifacts around, were crafted that are 2, 000 years looking at egypt's iron age. Into the tomb, which belonged to a teen boy, the iron beads were strung together into a necklace alongside other exotic ingredients, contains gold and gemstones.Early tests of the beads' composition revealed curiously high concentrations of mit of nickel, a telltale unsecured of iron meteorites.[See Photos of the silk Beads Other Meteorite Jewels] "Even 100 common, [the drops] interested attention as being something strange, rehren said livescience. But without certain proof of the beads' cosmic origins, questions persisted over whether similar amounts of nickel could trouble human made iron.By deciphering the iron beads with beams of neutrons and gamma rays, they found high concentrations of cobalt, phosphorous together with germanium;These elements were present at levels Cheap Pandora Jewelry that only happen in iron meteorites. "It's exciting, because we had the ability to detect sufficient cobalt and germanium in these beads to confirm they're meteoritic, rehren alleged. "We had assumed this became the case for 100 years, but it's nice as a way to put an exclamation mark on the label, as opposed to a question mark, The x ray technology also says the beads had been hammered into thin sheets before being meticulously rolled into tubes. "Our meteoritic iron, it's severely material that you find in lumps, and yet have a look at see it in thin beads, rehren acknowledged. "The question for you is, how were they provided, Unlike softer and a lot more pliable metals like gold and copper, working with solid iron required introduced of blacksmithing, that involves repeatedly heating metals to red hot temperatures and hammering them into shape. "It's a way more elaborate operation and one that we assumed was only invented and developed in the iron age, which begun maybe 3, 000 long ago not 5, 000 often, rehren recounted. The study suggest the iron meteorites were heated and hammered into thin sheets, and then woven around wooden sticks producing 0.8 inch lengthy(2 cm), Tube molded beads.Other stones found in the same tomb displayed classical stone working techniques, such as carving and going. "This shows that these customers, at this young age, were qualified to blacksmithing, rehren talked about. "It shows a pretty advanced skill in this particular difficult material.It might possibly not have been on large scales, but by the point of the iron age, they about 2, 000 years of expertise working with meteoritic iron, This is not the first time beads from this egyptian tomb have been from the cosmos.Captured, in will probably, individuals at the open university and university of manchester published a paper in the journal meteoritics and planetary science about the celestial origins of the ancient beads. Other scientific study has identified different artifacts that also have space origins.Yr after, german scientists discovered a buddha statue that was carved from a meteorite between eighth and 10th centuries.

Appointment as ambassador to jordan reflects new fight middle eastern terrorism Ottawa appointing the head of pm stephen harper's security detail to be canada's ambassador to jordan is part of a conservative effort to support middle eastern countries at risk of falling to radicalism and terrorism, an ancient envoy says. Recent months have seen a flurry of canadian interest in such countries as jordan, qatar, bahrain as united arab emirates, which are facing bodily and mental threats that are in many ways connected to islamic extremism. Ministerial trips have been undertaken while the us government has pledged money and support including armoured vehicles and other equipment to jordan's security forces, inside of the organization auspices of helping them deal with an influx of refugees from syria. "Our government is committed to the global fight terrorism, and deepening our bonds with other countries will help us achieve that goal, public safety minister vic toews said in a statement following a holiday to the region in february. "Countries like the united arab emirates and jordan play a huge role in promoting regional peace and stability, A number of countries have long been at odds with the conservative government's top nemesis, iran. But ellie bell, who has got served as canada's ambassador to israel, the nike air jordan and egypt, says a new threat emerged with the arab spring in 2011 as a number of islamist governments took power in your neighborhood. Numerous reports indicate those authorities, it is in the banner of the muslim brotherhood, have been flexing their muscles and trying to create a sunni muslim crescent at the center east, much like iran has tried to have a shiite muslim crescent for decades. "You see the minister didn't cheap jordans shoes for sale go to cairo or any of the states that had uprisings or successful uprisings, bell said in a job interview. "So i think it's an attempt to solidify relationships with those who find themselves most at risk from what we could call islamic radicalism, That terrorist groups such as al qaida are also active in your community seven men with alleged links to the group were arrested in the uae last week only adds to the danger of instability. It's among the reasons canada decided to open an embassy in iraq to control the situation there and make sure terrorist groups don't gain a foothold for attacks in the region or other parts of the world. And why the government has been pressing europe to follow canada's lead and list hezbollah as a terrorist organization. As postmedia news first reported a while back, rcmp supt.Bruno saccomani will be canada's next ambassador to jordan we have spent the past four years as the head of harper's security detail. The government believes saccomani's background in security including a previous five year stint as a liaison officer at canada's embassy in rome that brought him to various countries in the centre east will stand him in good stead in jordan. "This appointment is likely to be along the same lines of the new conservative approach to the middle east, bell recounted. "Obviously space we're making a commitment to jordan and its security needs. "The pm wants someone in there who's tough, he explained. "Second is he may well want someone who can speak directly to him.I would imagine this fellow can now get on the phone to the prime minister or someone very close to him if he feels something is important, But cultural susceptibility deals on jordans shoes will be essential. "Somebody once told me to make this happen work(In the centre east), You're walking on eggs every day and you can not afford to crack any, Bell announced. "I would hate to see circumstances develop where he behaves in a manner that's deemed by the jordanians to be confrontational and aggressive.Privately, i don't think it's session i would have made,

Ams students have a gallery all their own Ams students have a gallery all their own Amesbury has a new art gallery in the amesbury junior high school lobby.The ams public opened last month with a show featuring more than 100 works of framed art created by students in grades five through seven.The show will be on display through end of this month but is only the first of many to come. Had no Pandora Alphabet Charms place to hang art pieces in the hall, ams art professor ann bartkiewicz said.Of fire safety legal guidelines, they must under glass.We applied to the ams parent advisory group and they gave us $800 to start an public.Bartkiewicz and ams art teacher ken parkinson used the funds to purchase frames and matting and then caused parent volunteers to mount, cushion, bed chasis, and hang up the show.Parent ann manley, who is skilled artist working in town, helped bartkiewicz and parkinson opt for the artwork for the show. Juried the fine art and then juried it again, parkinson proclaimed.They wound up with 101 framed works of art representing the work of over 90 students, this kind of collages of positive negative space by sixth graders;Watercolor continues to life, animal drawings and level of view drawings by fifth and sixth graders, and interior space views collage, drawings and works by seventh graders. Seventh grader karyssa young has a watercolor painting of an fabulous room on display in the show. Assignment was room home design, a belief drawing of a room, she discussed.Pray it were my room.That will be cool.Seventh grader kylee kus completed the same assignment creating a watercolor of her actual bedroom that includes a sea green walls. Most desired color is blue, she says, i thought i try something more productive.I don paint to the extent of i draw.I usually do non colored documents drawings of people in pencil.Her younger sis, fifth grader kaci kus, has two artwork in the show, one of a horse and one more of a bird. Amesbury has a new art gallery in the amesbury junior high school lobby.The ams public opened last charms uk month with a show featuring more than 100 works of framed art created by students in grades five through seven.The show will be on display with the end of this month but is only the first of many to come. Had no place to hang art pieces in the hall, ams art instructor ann bartkiewicz said.Of fire safety limitations, they must be under glass.We applied to the ams parent advisory group and they gave us $800 to start an memorial.Bartkiewicz and ams art teacher ken parkinson used the funds to purchase frames and matting and then caused parent volunteers to mount, sleeping pad, structure, and hang up the show.Parent ann manley, who is a quality professional artist working in town, helped bartkiewicz and parkinson pick the artwork for the show. Juried the fine art and then juried it again, parkinson known.They were left with 101 framed works of art representing the work of over 90 students, for example collages of positive negative space by sixth graders;Watercolor regardless life, animal drawings and lookout drawings by fifth and sixth graders, and interior space level of view collage, drawings and works of art by seventh graders. Seventh grader karyssa young has a watercolor painting of an unreal room on display in the show. Assignment was room home planning, a prospective drawing of a room, she announced.Anticipation it were my room.That could be cool.Seventh grader kylee kus completed the same assignment creating a watercolor of her actual bedroom that might include sea green walls. Best color is blue, she considered, i thought i try something more productive.I don paint at least i draw.I usually do white and black drawings of people in pencil.Her younger related, fifth grader kaci kus, has two prints in the show, one of a horse and some other of a bird. Take art lessons without using school, believed kaci, whose parents attended the opening office receipt. Sixth grader michael gilday explained the assignment that concluded in his pencil and watercolor rendition of a still life with fruit. Had to go home and find a still life plan, mirielle said.Had a soup bowl plus some fruit.I did a quick sketch in my art periodicals and went over it darker.Then i brought it to highschool.I painted one color at a time and let it dry so the colours wouldn mix. Is the novice i ever had art on display.I feel honored that out of everybody in school, my art was chosen to stay the show.With less than 100 of the nearly 550 students in the fifth, sixth and seventh grades manifested in the show, he should feel privileged.The work on display represents just a small number of the art created by ams students. Hope to flourish the gallery, bartkiewicz alleged.Will only be stage one.Our plan is to generate several shows a year.All the art hanging in the ams art gallery was given birth to in art class, which the scholars have for two periods every six day session from september through june.Parkinson acknowledged.Lot of the projects are tied in to the academic programs.Is simply the first show, bartkiewicz documented.Plan to it in may for the ams open house.The second show will feature the work of the eighth grade students and may focus on photography. Students whose work is displayed in the new ams public include:Sage mambuca, amanda-M doster, natalie dawes, peterson cotrupi, delane zahoruiko, amanda-M doster, arman sanentz, erin leary, brittany kuse, kylee kus, karyssa youngs, zack mccarthy, bailey flanagan, tabor henderson, emily martin, brock manley, annie ta greg ftalsum, bram velupe, senia laforte, gavin forni, and so tucker holt.

Solange knowles talks michelle obama's style Solange knowles has been pretty unescapable since her highly-Anticipated video for"Losing you"Hit the internet last week, inspiring more than a few people to try out the brightly-Colored, dapper stylings of the le sape movement. Even though solange has taken a particular interest in this traditionally-African aesthetic, beyonce's younger sister definitely has her eye on what's going on in the style world stateside.We caught up with the singer at last night's absolut tune launch party that she co-Hosted with designer charlotte ronson, and the conversation inevitably turned to fashion.With the election just four weeks away, the american style solange had in mind was that of the first lady michelle obama: "It's impeccable.Not only is her style just stunning, but i love what she does for the american people and the american women specifically in terms of owning yourself and not wavering it towards other people's perceptions, especially as a first lady.I've seen [people criticize her] in terms of her showing arms or legs, but i think it's so amazing how she empowers women to have a really strong sense of self and go after what makes them happy first. " As for how prospective first lady ann romney's style stacks up agains mrs.O's? "No contest,"Solange said.And since the 26-Year-Old brooklyn resident has pretty much secured a consistent spot on our best-Dressed list, we definitely look out for what she chooses to wear to political events(She does rub elbows with anna wintour at these things, after all).We're still obsessing about that esteban cortazar cape-Back jacket she rocked at an obama fundraiser earlier this year. Lucky for us, solange opted for yet another esteban cortazar ensemble last night, decking herself out in a color-Blocked outfit complete with mirrored heels.But don't think she lets all of the style praise she receives get to her head.After flying to cape town to film the"Losing you"Video, she was certainly eager to get advice from the locals sapes to perfectly embody the look that's become a bit of an obsession for her: "They gave me a lot of tips.They felt like it was their responsibility to give me the super sape insight.They were totally receptive to it because there actually are female sapes.There were certain things i was doing wrong though.Like, you can't wear more than three colors at a time, you have to show off your socks when you're wearing really good socks.These sort of very detailed things that i needed to learn in order to be in their company. " Well, for what it's worth, we would hang out with you no matter how many colors you're wearing, solange.Check out her look from last night's party and tell us what you think of her musings about first lady fashion and le sape culture. 2011:Net-A-Porter and mr porter host a party for dolce gabbana 2011:Sephora 5th ave Tiffany Necklaces Sale fashion's night out 2011:Boy and girl by band of outsiders fashion show 2011:Rimmel london event 2011:Rimmel hosts party for original london girl kowz Necklaces kate moss 2011:9th Annual Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party 2012:Perrier-Jouet celebrates michael kalish's belle epoque sculpturenew york, ny-June 11: Solange Knowles attendsPerrier-Jouet celebrates Michael Kalish's Belle Epoque Sculpture onJune 11, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images forPerrier-Jouet) 2012:Cfda fashion awards new york, ny-June 04:Solange knowles attends the 2012 cfda fashion awards at alice tully hall on june 4, 2012 in new york city. (Photo by larry busacca/getty images) 2012:Moma party in the garden benefit new york, ny-May 22: Solange Knowles attends the 2012 Party in the Garden benefit at the Museum of Modern Art onMay 22, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by theo wargo/getty images) 2012:Costume institute galanew york, ny-May 07:Solange knowles attends the 'schiaparelli and prada:Impossible conversations' costume institute gala at the metropolitan museum of art on may 7, 2012 in new york city. (Photo by dimitrios kambouris/getty images) 2012:Ferragamo fifth avenue flagship re-Openingnew york, ny-April 12: Solange Knowles attends theFerragamo fifth avenue flagship re-Opening at Salvatore Ferragamo onApril 12, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by neilson barnard/getty images for salvatore ferragamo) 2012:Tiffany celebrates the launch of true love in picturesnew york, ny-January 25:Solange knowles attends the tiffany celebration of the launch of true love in pictures with the sartorialist scott schuman and garance dore at tiffany co. onJanuary 25, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by bennett raglin/getty images for tiffany)